Upholstery cleaning in Lewes

We have always loved visiting Lewes. Our upholstery cleaning in Lewes started way back in 1987. Upholstery cleaning in Lewes has been a regular service since then – delivered by us in the local area. A beautiful sofa or armchair can be a serious investment. Why not look after yours? Our specialist upholstery / sofa cleaning removes:

  • Body oils
  • Beverage stains
  • Ink from newspapers
  • Skin cells and sweat
  • Marking from clothes
  • Mud and soil

Our extraction system often has upholstered fibres drying in around two hours leaving your chair or sofa residue free.
This means that no soil attracting products are left behind after we have gone,  which means your sofa or chair will stay clean for longer.
Many companies still insist on using acids or products with high alkali in their process.
Our upholstery cleaning in Lewes switched over to baby safe solutions in 2004/5 our customers were incredibly pleased! 

Upholstery cleaning in Lewes our process

When we arrive we slip into our overshoes and inspect the sofa or chairs that we are cleaning.
We then vacuum your sofa before any of our preparation work starts. We then select the best solutions to use on your soft furnishing fibres. These are then gently agitated into your fibres using an Orbipro power brush.
Specific stains are treated individually before we rinse / extract. Our machines are high airflow powerful extractors, removing more soils and deep down debris than ever before.
In fact our sofa cleaning in Lewes has never been so thorough.
Drying times are as low as two hours leaving your sofa looking as ‘close to new’ as possible. With the added benefit of no toxic solutions or synthetic odours.

Clean sofa image

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