Rug cleaning Lewes

Rug cleaning in Lewes

If you are looking for rug cleaning in Lewes you have come to the right place !

We have cleaned rugs for people in Lewes for over thirty years, delivering high quality services with no toxic solutions or residues left behind after.

From collection to re delivery we make sure your rug will look its best when it arrives.

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Rug cleaning in Lewes

A quality rug provides colour for any room along with colour.

With the popularity of hard floors over the years, rugs have become extremely popular.

Rugs will last a lifetime if they are vacuumed regularly and cleaned every two years.

Abrasive build up of soils in the base of the rug fibres are removed, extending the rugs life.

A word of warning, watch out for Bait and Switch carpet & rug cleaning companies working in the Lewes area.

They offer hard to believe quotes but then look for ways to increase the price offered (sometimes even doubled)

This is a practice we have never adopted. We offer honest and clear pricing. This is why our customers consider us to be No1 for rug cleaning in Lewes.

Rug cleaning in Lewes – Why us ?

We prefer not to ‘run over’ your rug whilst your it is in your home.

We purchased our own workshop and drying areas over ten years ago.

Having a commercial premises means a deep down thorough clean is achieved, each and every time.

We have the latest high performance equipment that delivers outstanding results


Cleaning rugs – Our process

Rug cleaning in Lewes – our deep down thorough cleaning multi stage process.

Beating and dusting is the first step.

Removing maximum dry soil deposits, using beating and rug dusting methods.

Rugs are then thoroughly vacuumed on both sides. Vacuuming the face of the rug opens the fibres ready for our next step.

Non toxic and non re soiling solutions are then applied to the fibres and gently agitated in using a rotating brush machine.

A  dwell time of approximately ten minutes is left. This allows our micro splitting solutions to break down soil and stains in your rug fibres.

Rug are then rinsed using a high airflow extraction machine.

After water encapsulation has taken place, soiling and staining will be in our water recovery tank.

Rugs are then hung in our drying room.

Finally a vacuum takes place and a liberal application of our conditioning solution, which is non toxic.

Did you know that rugs that have not been cleaned for 12 months can seriously affect the air quality in the room it lives in.

Our  cleaning services are not just for cosmetic reasons, when we clean rugs they are left hygienically clean too.

If you live in Lewes or one of the surrounding villages and are arriving home to a grubby rug,  then consider our rug cleaning in Lewes service.

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Rug cleaning quotation

For a speedy quotation simply call 01273 634177 or text ‘quote’ to 07802 177435 with your requirements, we will get back to you on the same day.

The National Carpet Cleaners Association

We are  members of the  National  Carpet Cleaners Assocoiation

Rug cleaningBecoming an NCCA member requires course attendance and examination passes. Ask your company for their membership.

Natural Carpet Care in Lewes the carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning experts.

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Rug cleaning in Lewes, East Sussex. Deep cleaning rugs – collecting and returning clean and dry, ready to use.

Don’t forget our rug cleaning services are toxin free.

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