Mattress cleaning in Lewes, East Sussex

Mattress cleaning

A quality mattress is a big investment for most households.

Over the months our bed will absorb our body oils, perspiration, skin cells and much more.

It doesn’t take long for the dust mites to arrive either.

Mites feed on our skin cells, unfortunately dust mite excrement contains proteins that can cause us breathing problems.

Mattress cleaning for health

Our mattress cleaning services offer a great hygiene clean as well as big improvements in appearance.

Combine our advanced products with some of the best extraction equipment available, the result is effective cleaning and drying times as low as two hours.

Also our cleaning solutions are totally safe, no toxic solutions mean no exposure to aggressive products that could damage the health.

If you suspect extra company in bed every evening or are having poor sleep, why not see if our mattress cleaning services can help?

Drying times are usually around three hours, enabling clients to sleep in their beds that evening.

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Contact us on 01273 634177 or simply text ‘quote’ to 07802177435 followed by your mattress size, we will text back an inclusive quotation.

Don’t forget that we are also members of the National Carpet Cleaners Association, the only recognised qualification in our industry

Dust mitesWe are domestic carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning specialists covering Lewes and the surrounding villages.

We look forward to being of service to you.

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Mattress cleaning in Lewes and the surrounding villages.

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