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A little insight from us into the practice of bait and switch

What is bait and switch ?

Bait and switch is a dishonest practice of offering a client something that will trigger a positive action such as a booking or a purchase, but in reality the service or item is completely difeerent.

We have noticed carpet cleaning companies advertising to clean your living room carpet for a price of £19. When an operative arrives on site, a quick run over using mainly water is executed which takes minutes.

The customer then complains, the reply is usually ‘all you get for £19 is a maintenance clean’ if you want a proper clean it is double.


We think that this is bad practice. After over 30 years in the business we know customers value honesty and transparency.

Lets work it out !

If you pay someone £19 to clean your living room carpet, here are the costs associated with this figure.

  • The cost of a van
  • Insurance of the van
  • Liability insurance / treatments risk insurance
  • Products
  • Purchase of equipement
  • Maintenance of equipment
  • Training (if any)
  • TAX
  • National insurance
  • The payment to the lead generating company / franchise owner
  • Holiday pay
  • Accountant fees

We have boiled this figure down and estimate the operator will get between £4.25 – £4.65 to clean your lounge carpet !

With this in mind, there is no surprise the person arriving to clean your carpet wants to be away to his / her next job asap.

We would like to think our clients in this area consider our services to be No1. Honest and clear prices and a thoroughly good job, No1 for reliability and results.

Read a few reviews

Genuine customer reviews are very important, its a true indication of what’s going on with a businesses customer service.

If a company is claiming to be highly trained and qualified don’t just accept that as being true !

The only qualification in our industry is achievable through the National carpet cleaners assocoiation

Click the link above and use the NCCA member locator to find the company you are thinking of using.

If your carpet cleaning company arrives and tries this on you simply ask them to leave!

Our quotations are clear and honest, if you are are considering getting your carpet, rug, sofa or curtains cleaned make sure your invite a company into your home that you can trust.

All of our carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning services are also completely ECO friendly we were the first company in the South East to embrace new and safe solutions.

Eco friendly

A professional carpet cleaning company, our customers rate us No1 in Lewes

Read about our carpet spotting services for those little spills and accidents.

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Eco friendly

Toxin free services – carpet, rug and sofa cleaning services in Lewes.

With Cancer cases on the increase, avoiding chemical exposure is now more important than ever.

Causing a problem when arriving to solve one isn’t acceptable.

In recent months we have been called in twice to clean furniture that had been cleaned only a few days previously.

On both occasions our customers simply couldn’t cope with the synthetic / toxic fumes left behind in the fibres. Toxin free cleaning solved the problem!

Toxin free – a better way

We realised in 2005 that chemical exposure wasn’t acceptable.

Leaving behind old Acid / Alkali products in favour of nano technology pant based ones.

People could soon see and feel the difference, before long we were continually being asked for non toxic cleaning, full stop!

Fibres feel softer and fresher, because no nasty residues are left behind.

Carpets and upholstery stay cleaner for longer, toxin free !

Fully trained and qualified

This is term frequently used by carpet / rug and upholstery cleaning specialists.

We are members of the National Carpet Cleaners Association 

Always ask for any specialists NCCA membership number, if in doubt you can visit the trade association website and see if they are listed.

Carpet cleaning van

Get in touch

Its very easy to gain a quotation for any of our services, just fill in our Quotation Page and hit submit.

We will normally return a quotation on the same day.

Text ‘Quote’ to 07802 177435 followed by your requirements, we will text back on the same day.

Call us on 01273 634177 and speak to a trained and qualified tec.

After fibres have been cleaned our customers are surprised how furniture and rooms feel fresher with indoor air quality rising.

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Reading reviews gives a good idea of a companies work ethic and attitude towards their customers.

Read some of our customer reviews

Natural carpet care Lewes covers all of the surrounding villages in the Lewes area.

Had a spill or accident? read more about our carpet spotter cleaning services, we can clean & remove localised areas of concern.

Toxin free – the way forward with our professional home cleaning services in Lewes.

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