Carpet spotter services

We all have accidents. Our carpet spotter services has become a busy part of our business over the years.

It has happened to most of us. Kicking over a glass of wine or dropping a mug of coffee.

What do we do? Most people reach for anything that has cleaning related content on a bottle.

Domestic products can often create more of an issue. Many contain detergents and bleaching agents.

These products can often damage colour stability and render a stain as permanent in the fibres.

The image above shows a stain that was worked on by our client. The stain was pet urine, which we successfully removed.

Did you know we have more than one method to clean carpets?

How our carpet spotter service works.

Carpet spotting is a service regularly provided to clients in the Lewes area.

We are often called to deal with spills and stains in localised areas in a property.

Our spotter system is set up to deal with areas that have suffered staining.

We then return with the appropriate solutions and our Jaguar machine.

Overshoes are worn and carpet protected by a clean terry towel.

After careful stain treatments we rinse the affected area. Leaving the carpet fibres dry in around three hours.

We can also leave you with one of our professional spotter bottles. Safe to use on fibres and fabrics and very effective.

Get in touch

We are always happy to help.

Our carpet spotter services are at your disposal.

Call us on 01273 634177. We can answer any questions that you have and give you an idea of cot for our visit.

Often the cost for us to come and deal with a stain or spillage is £45.

This covers our travel and machine set up at your home.

Text quotations are very popular. Simply text ‘quote’ to 07802 177435 with your specified areas of concern

We will text back within two hours.

Peace of mind

We are fully qualified (national carpet cleaners association) and hold full treatments risk insurance.

This enables us to identify carpet fibres, choose the correct method and solutions to remove a stain that you have.

There are many non qualified and inexperienced carpet cleaners operating in the Lewes area.

However, our clients clearly think that we are No1 carpet cleaners in the area!

Find out more about us and read some genuine customer comments.

Toxin free carpet, rug and sofa cleaning in Lewes.

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