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Carpet cleaning methods

Did you know that there are different methods for cleaning carpet fibres?

Because there are many different carpet types there needs to be different ways to clean them.

Hot water extraction cleaning.

This is probably the most common way to clean carpets.

After using a vacuum cleaner to pick up dry / loose soils we apply our cleaning solution.

Mechanical agitation using a TM3 or TM4 machine. This ensures that solutions are brushed deeply into the fibres.

Any remaining stains will be individually treated.

One of our high velocity carpet cleaning machines is set up. Usually your doorstep.

Vacuum and solution hoses are connected to a carpet cleaning wand.

The rinsing process will commence. Water is injected into the carpet fibres and recovered back to the machine.

On average drying times are usually around 3 hours.

Dry carpet cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning is an excellent way to clean difficult carpets or rugs that are prone to bleeding.

Seagrass and Sisal floor coverings are likely to split or move if a wet system is used.

We have seen this on more than one occasion over the years. Damage is done. Even the most skilled carpet fitter will not be able to re stretch into place.

The product used is known as micro sponges. They resemble saw dust. Fine granules impregnated with cleaning agents.

dry carpet cleaning compound

These are massaged into the fibres with a specialist machine.

After 15 minutes has elapsed the sponges have done their job. Absorbing soils and dirt.

Recovery is via a SEBO industrial vacuum cleaner.

Dry carpet cleaning

Drying times are pretty much zero using this system.

The preferred choice for people that need to use areas immediately after cleaning.

Low moisture carpet cleaning

Low moisture carpet cleaning methods are often used on carpet tiles.

Large areas of office carpet will often be cleaned using this method.

Again a thorough vacuum is advised. Using bonnet / micro fibre pads that have been wrung out in solution and water.

Our specialist solutions are applied directly to the tiles. Then using a rotary machine with our pads attached the area is carefully cleaned.

It has always surprised us as to how much soil this process will remove. Along with stubborn marks.

Drying times are usually 30 minutes using this system.

Orbital cleaning

Our orbital process is our preferred cleaning process for large areas of contract carpet, ideally low profile.

Our Hos orbot sprayborg system offers deep down cleaning of large office, shop & showroom carpet.

Again the area to be cleaned is vacummed.

Our specialist cleaning solutions are mixed and placed into the HOS tank.

This system has its own pump which delivers the solution straight to the fibres.

The unique system removes soil and stains leaving carpeted areas remarkably clean.

Once again drying times are as little as 30 minutes.

This system completes our carpet cleaning options that can help you keep your commercial property or home looking its best.

Natural carpet care Lewes.

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In a fix? read about our carpet spotter services – we can visit and deal with small and specific stained areas.

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