Bait and switch

We strive to provide quality customer care and top quality carpet for the people of Lewes.

In recent months we have been called in by customers that have been victim of bait and switch selling methods.

This trickery is used by a few less than professional carpet cleaning companies.

Misleading and simply dishonest…


What is bait and switch?

A ‘hard to believe price’ is advertised by a company, offering to clean your lounge carpet for £22 (as an example)

When they arrive a machine rapidly set up and the area is ‘run over’ often with no chemical even used.

This is clearly what a customer is not expecting.

When questioned the operator will inform the client that they have booked a ‘maintenance clean’ and if they want a job approaching good the price will double.

Lets work out how much of the £19 paid will be left after –

Van purchase, van insurance, liability / treatments risk insurance, product purchse, equipment puchase, equipment servicing, van servicing, fuel, training (if any) National insurance, tax, road fund tax, pension contributions, VAT

We think that the person turning up will eventually get around £4.43  – £4.64 of the figure charged.

So its no surpise that time spent at your property will kept to a bare minimum!

Customer deception

Our customers expect honesty and clarity, quite right too!

We do not offer incentives to ‘pursuade’ customers to contact us.

Delivering high standards of work and reliability do this.

Our customers consider us to be No1 in the Lewes area.

Here’s a tip, if a company is trying to sell you their services and making a lot of claims check to see if they are National Carpet Cleaners Association  members.

A searchable database is on hand with customer reviews to read.

Also type into Google the company trading name along with reviews.

This will be an indication of customer care and service.

Impressive claims on a companies website often don’t match their customers thoughts.

A No1 priority when checking out any company before accepting their quotation.

Lewes sofa cleaning

I certainly wouldn’t let anyone touch my lovely sofa if they wanted to clean it for £30 !

There is no such thing as a ‘light steam clean’.

Running over a carpet or rug with no real preperation will deliver a poor result.

Careful preperation will ensure optimum results, its the same with any industry.

Carpet cleaning image

If you experience this practice, simply ask the operator to leave your property. It’s that simple.

Don’t forget our products are safe and effective with no harm to people or animals.

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