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Welcome to Natural Carpet Cleaning in Lewes

Carpet, upholstery and rug cleaning in Lewes…..with a twist.

Our family company has been cleaning carpets in Lewes since 1984,  since then there have been major developments in our industry, including non toxic cleaning.

In 2005 we changed to using Natural solutions in our cleaning process, resulting in extremely clean, safe and fresh carpets, rugs and soft furnishings that do not suffer from rapid re-soiling as no detergents are used Detergent cleaning will usually leave sticky residues behind in your fabric and carpet fibres, resulting in dirt and dust attraction.

We are NCCA qualified (The only recognised qualification in the carpet cleaning industry) enabling us to identify, clean and protect carpet and fabrics safely. Many companies advertise the fact that they clean carpets, along with windows, offices, kitchens, floors and more, we would like to consider ourselves to be ‘carpet and upholstery cleaning specialists’

Our company is approved by East Sussex County Council’s trading standards team, a rigorous interview and vetting system ensures that only quality traders become members. We understand the importance of respecting our customers property whilst on site, this is one of our reasons to have full Treatments Risk Insurance any other third party insurance cover will not include carpet, rug or upholstery cleaning.

We are happy to attend your home and conduct a full NCCA survey, we always leave a quotation for consideration, if after reading our quotation you are happy with our costing, simply e mail or call us, we will then arrange a convenient time to attend your home and thoroughly clean your carpets, with no extra charges or hidden costs.

Alternatively, we can provide a speedy quotation via our submission form, send us measurements and information relating to your carpet, sofa or rug that requires cleaning, we will then calculate and send back a costing, it’s that easy!

We clean carpets, rugs and soft furnishings for ~

Car showrooms, home owners, letting agents, offices, shops, hotels, hospitals, dentists and banks, delivering a consistent high quality service every time.

Covering ~ Barcombe, Glynde, Denton, Firle, Chiddingly, Ripe, Framfield, Alfriston, Alciston, Halland, Ringmer, Falmer and other villages close to Lewes in Sussex.

We look forward to meeting you.

Spencer Davies


Natural Carpet Care Lewes.

Carpet damge, after the snow..

With the South East seeing more snow than most regions, huge quantities of grit and salt have been applied to roads and paths in Lewes and the surrounding villages. When the snow has gone, carpets and rugs will be slowly filling up with grit and soils as the weeks pass by.  Removal is important to ensure that premature fibre erosion is avoided, domestic vacuum cleaners will remove reasonable quantities of grit, but professional cleaning will restore rugs and carpets close to their original condition.

Carpets and rugs will look dull, with colours losing their original vibrant appearance. Fibre restoration will ensure that your carpets and rugs will look good for years to come.

Contact Spencer Davies direct on 07802 177435 for advice or information relating to our services

Special offers in January & February

For the months of January and February we will be giving away one of our unique 500ml spotter bottles. These safe spot and stain removers are great for those accidental spillages. Unlike most domestic products available, these solutions will not damage your carpet, rugs or upholstery and are very effective. Clear instructions are given on the label, these spotters are usually £9.99 rrp. This offer applies to orders over £75.

Excellent before and after pictures

Before cleaning

Before cleaning

After natural carpet cleaning

After natural carpet cleaning

These stains did look a little terminal to begin with, but during the initial treatments, it was clear to see that all stains would lift, much to our customers delight. We used our Hydramster van mounted system, which delivered a drying time of only one hour twenty minutes.  This carpet cleaning took place in Rodmell, close to Lewes in Sussex.

Carpet cleaning in the festive season

As Christmas approaches, many people will be expecting relatives that they may not have seen for several months. We find that December and January are often very busy months for us, this is usually because our customers want their homes to be clean when people visit them, dirty, stained carpets and rugs are certainly not very welcoming. This is the best time to reserve your day for December and January cleaning, to receive a free quotation, simply fill in our submission form with your requirements and click ‘send’, we will do the rest.

In December and January we are also offering a free 500ml emergency spotter (rrp £9.99) for bookings of £100 or more.

Beat your rugs!

Often, some of the old fashioned cleaning methods can be really effective. Rugs will add colour and warmth to any room and prove to be an effective way to soften large areas of hard flooring, but they do hold a lot of dust, grit, sand and soil. Regular vacuuming is a must, but hanging your rug over a line or branch and then rigorous beating will remove a lot of soil left behind by your vacuum cleaner.

We tend to find that more dry soil is found in rugs that live in rural areas, along with insects, beating rugs regularly will help remove dust mites, mite excrement, fleas and flea eggs, it can be a real stress relief after a busy day too!

Dry soil  removal from your rugs will increase the life of your rug and improve indoor air quality. Colours can often dull because of increased soil levels in your rug.

Dry soil removal ~ Rodmell near Lewes, Sussex

In recent weeks we seem to be visiting Rodmell near Lewes on a regular basis, one job involved cleaning a very thick rug. Our normal rug cleaning process is to try and remove the maximum amount of dry soil before any cleaning takes place, introducing water to dry soil will cause a problem, immediately turning dry soil into sludge / mud.

A customer from Ringmer surprised me a while ago after thorough vacuuming and dry soil removal methods had been employed, I managed to remove far less grit, sand and dirt than usual, I commented to my customer about this, who walked into the garden grinning, showing me her old tennis racket, which was used to beat the rug each week. Sometimes the old ways really do work!

After cleaning, the rug looked considerably better, colours had been restored and the fibres were clean and fresh, with no residue.

Lewes residents ~ Beware of the cowboy cleaner

Every once in a while I hear a story that saddens me relating to my industry, I recently cleaned some carpets for a lady living in Laughton, she was very cautious on the telephone and even more so when I arrived to clean her carpets.

I donned my protective overshoes and proceeded into her front room with my vacuum cleaner. ‘The other men didn’t vacuum or wear overshoes’ she said,’I always do both’ was my reply. After a brief conversation with her, I discovered why she was wary to begin with, four months before my arrival she had employed a cleaning company to clean the carpet (lounge / dining room) that I was cleaning.

My customer explained that she had employed them because they were cheap, the leaflet offer said lounge & dining room for only £29 inclusive, that is cheap! On arrival, the cleaning company announced that £10 extra will be charged for furniture moving and a further £30 for stain treatment, my customer felt intimidated and said nothing. The men proceeded to clean the carpet, with no vacuuming and only using an old electric machine, it took 15 minutes from start to finish, ‘that’s £69 please madam’ the gentleman said. My customer paid him quickly to get him out of her house.

My charge was an inclusive cost of £60, which included furniture moving, stain treatment, pre- vacuuming, the use of non toxic solutions and cleaning using filtered and softened water. My customer was delighted with the result and will tell her friends about the service she received. If a carpet cleaning company offer ‘special deals’ ask lots of questions before letting them into your home!

Dry carpet cleaning in Lewes, East Sussex

After more than 25 years of cleaning carpets in Lewes and the surrounding area, we are now able to clean those tricky, new breed of floor coverings, such as Seagrass or Sisal.

We now have the very latest Envirodry cleaning system, using Envirodry micro sponges, this system uses a unique cleaning process that involves the following ~

Step one, thoroughly vacuum all carpeted area, lightly apply a second generation micro splitting solution (M Power) apply micro sponges to the carpet fibres, agitating using the Envirodry machine, leave for twenty five minutes and then thoroughly vacuum again, using our SEBO BS36 industrial vacuum cleaner. Carpets are dry in twenty minutes. This system delivers a surprisingly deep clean, with no downtime involved.

Dry cleaning not only eliminates the risk of shrinkage but also provides a safe and fast drying method for cleaning carpets that will shrink if too much moisture is used in the cleaning process. This carpet cleaning system is exceptionally useful when cleaning carpeted areas that need to be used soon after cleaning.

With our non toxic extraction system, cleaning using micro sponges leaves no residue behind that will attract dirt.

Our dry cleaning system is available to people living in Lewes, Ringmer, Barcombe and other villages surrounding Lewes.  Alternatively, you can contact us on 01273 634177 or 07802 177435 for more information or advice.

Rug and carpet cleaning ~ Steam cleaning.

People often call me asking if I ‘steam clean’ carpets. Extraction cleaning is often referred to as steam cleaning, its true term is ‘hot water extraction cleaning, or HWE in the trade. There are many levels of extraction cleaning, from basic domestic cleaning units like Vax to portable electric cleaning machines, then moving on to truck mounted cleaning systems.

Truck mount cleaning offers the best, most thorough carpet cleaning, here are some advantages ~

Carpets can be dry within one hour ~ a truck mount will remove up to ten times the soil quantity than an electric machine~ we bring our own water~ we will not need to plug our truck mount into your electricity ~ water used in our cleaning process is filtered and softened~ no smelly moist air is circulated in your home ~ genrally superior levels of cleanliness are achieved.

A quality truck-mounted carpet cleaning system will require an investment of over £20,000, an electric portable machine will cost £1500, the difference is plain to see, especially after we have cleaned your carpet!

We are aware that customers want a quality job, that’s why we invest in equipment, training and products, each and every year.  We operate our Hydramaster system in Brighton, Hove, Lewes, Eastbourne and Newhaven.

Insect treatment in Lewes, East Sussex

Its the time of year that sees an increase in insect activity, from mosquitoes to fleas. Insects often lay eggs in carpet and fabric fibres, one of the most destructive in the home is the carpet moth. Keep an eye open for rice like casks around your home, these can often be found hidden behind book cases, televisions, sofas, desks, and even in cupboards. When they hatch, they will be looking for something to eat, which will probably be your woollen carpets, rugs or upholstery.

These little pests will munch away without you realising, clearing huge amounts of fibres like a plague of locusts, you will have a nasty surprise when moving furniture to vacuum. On a recent trip to Ringmer just outside Lewes, we were greeted by a lady who had a large Indian rug, at least 25 percent of which had been devoured by carpet months.

We offer specialist insect treatments for insects, which involves the movement of all furnture, rigerous vacuuming and treatments. Call today to speak to an NCCA qualified carpet cleaning expert 07802 177435.